ERP & CRM Solution

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As no company is same, no company has same IT requirements as another. It is crucial that potential suppliers of IT infrastructure completely understand not only proposed solutions but also the business into which solution is being installed. As the growing organizations needs proper resource planning system for smoother interaction among their every day operations that involves accounting, sales, supply chain as well as customer relationships. ERP & CRM solution help in meeting the demands of diverse software for all these activities as well as ensure their effective integration at client’s end.

  • We understand the needs of potential ERP customers looking for good ROI for ERP maintenance & support
  • We hold expertise in offering solutions in areas of CRM, SCM, CSM and collaboration
  • We also assist SMBs to carry out cost effective first time implementation of end-to-end ERP solutions
  • Our ERP solutions are a cost effective way to run as well as connect enterprise-wide business functions via a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications

  • The well defined approach of our consultants involves thorough study of client's business systems, tapping knowledge as well as identifying pain areas from users & benchmarking processes with industry best practices
  • They have experience of working across geographies and are well versed in regulatory norms & compliances followed in various regions

  • We take entire responsibility of Development, System Analysis, Configuration, Administration & Project Management
  • We fulfill purpose of enabling various organizations to serve its customers in best way with introduction of different reliable & better processes as well as procedures for interacting with customers
  • As major business companies have large customer base, we offer benefit of customization including one to one marketing through CRM software


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